Email contact and ordering

To contact me to order or discuss an order please email me at or call 027 2786-384

I will endevour to answer all emails within 24 hours and depending on the order book expect to be abe to ship knives within 6 weeks of the order being placed and confirmed. Payment prior to shipping is by paypal to the email address above, HOWEVER for non standard designs or material use a non refundable 50% deposit may be required.



Prices shown are for standard offerings which generally means blackwood handles without bolsters except for the big game hunter and the hunter butcher which have buffalo horn bolsters with blackwood handles as standard offerings.

Upgrades on all knife handles are offered.

A sheath is included in the pricing of each knife.

Please indicate if the knife you choose is to have the spine left square and sharp for use with a fire rod.

All pricing is in US$ with payment by paypal  to my address or by special arrangment

Shipping to the US is $25 for one knife $32 for two knives or $40 for three.


 Samples of each knife noted below is shown on the knife design page.


Small Knives

Field scalpel          ______________________________________$145

Game Bird             ______________________________________ $155

EDC                         ______________________________________ $155

Light Hunter        _______________________________________ $165

Sgian Dubh           ______________________________________  $165


Hunting knives

Hunter Skiner    ________________________________________ $ 170

Wapiti Hunter   ________________________________________  $180

Skiner                 _________________________________________ $170

Thumbrest Skiner ______________________________________ $180

Boning Knives   _________________________________________ $165

Safari Knife        _________________________________________ $195

Big Game knife   _________________________________________ $195

Hunter Butcher  _________________________________________ $195


Other knives

Bushcraft Hunter________________________________________ $195

General Purpose ________________________________________ $175

Slaughterman    _________________________________________ $175

The lion knife    __________________________________________ $175

The pig sticker ___________________________________________ $185

JT Ranger         ____________________________________________$195

Bowie Knife      ____________________________________________$225



Knife sets

Hunter butcher and boning knife set. _________________ $345

Safari knife and field scalpel set           _________________ $325

Big gameknife and EDC pairing           _________________ $335


Kitchen knives

4 inch petty knife          _________________________________$160

5 inch general purpose_________________________________$185

5 1/2 inch chef               _________________________________$195

7 inch chef                      _________________________________$215

Kitchen cleaver              _________________________________$225


Table knives

Steak knives   5 inch    __________________________________$145

Steak knives 4 1/2 inch _________________________________$145

Sideplate knives  4 1/2 inch_____________________________$135





Boslters of brass, buffalo horn, micarta or  contrasting wood 

add $25

Upgraded handle material individually priced.

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