Email contact and ordering

To contact me to order or discuss an order please email me at or call 64  27 2786-384 .  

I will endevour to answer all emails within 24 hours and depending on the order book expect to be abe to ship knives within 6 weeks of the order being placed and confirmed. Payment prior to shipping is by paypal to the email address above, HOWEVER for non standard designs or material use a non refundable 50% deposit may be required.


United States agent is Tony Byrd of Laser Engraving.,

or Facebook Byrd Laser Engraving


or call Tony on 309-261-1421


Prices shown are for standard offerings which generally means blackwood handles without bolsters except for the Buffalo Skinner  , the Big Game Hunter and the Hunter Butcher which have straight backed buffalo horn bolsters with blackwood handles as standard offerings.

Curve backed bolsters upgrades are offered where apropriate at + $40 or  +$15 where a straight backed bolster is offered as standard and $35 where no bolster is standard

Straight backed bolsters on all knives shown without bolsters as standard is +$25

Upgrades on all knife handles are offered.

A sheath is included in the pricing of each knife.

Please indicate if the knife you choose is to have the spine left square and sharp for use with a fire rod.

All pricing is in US$ with payment by paypal  to my address or by special arrangment

Shipping to the US (not tracked) is $30 for one knife $37 for two knives or $45 for three.

Courier tracked shipping is $60 for one knife, $65 for two and $70 for three.

A sample of each knife noted below is shown on the knife design page.


Small Knives

Field scalpel          ______________________________________$145

Game Bird             ______________________________________ $155

EDC                         ______________________________________ $155

Light Hunter        _______________________________________ $165

Mini Skinner          ______________________________________  $165


Hunting knives

Hunter Skiner    ________________________________________ $ 170

Wapiti Hunter   ________________________________________  $180

Skiner                 _________________________________________ $170

Thumbrest Skiner ______________________________________ $180

Boning Knives   _________________________________________ $165

Safari Knife        _________________________________________ $195

Big Game knife   _________________________________________ $195

Hunter Butcher  _________________________________________ $195

Old Western     ___________________________________________$185

Buffalo Skinner __________________________________________ $205


Other knives


The Fisherman  _________________________________________$165

Fillet knife            _________________________________________$170 


Bushcraft Hunter________________________________________ $205

General Purpose ________________________________________ $175

Slaughterman    _________________________________________ $175

The lion knife    __________________________________________ $175

The pig sticker ___________________________________________ $185

JT Ranger         ____________________________________________$195

Pocket Ranger_____________________________________________$185

Bowie Knife      ____________________________________________$225



Knife sets

Hunter butcher and boning knife set. _________________ $345

Safari knife and field scalpel set           _________________ $325

Big gameknife and EDC pairing           _________________ $335

Fisherman and Fillet knife pair           __________________$325


Kitchen knives

4 inch petty knife          _________________________________$160

5 inch general purpose_________________________________$185

5 1/2 inch chef               _________________________________$195

7 inch chef                      _________________________________$215

Kitchen cleaver              _________________________________$225


Table knives

Steak knives  4 or 5 inch blade as prefered.

Priced individually at ___________________________________$130


Priced as a pair           ___________________________________$240


Priced as a set of 6   ____________________________________$675






Staraight backed boslters of buffalo horn, micarta or  contrasting wood. 

add $25

Brass bolsters will be parrallel and a 1/2 inch wide - add $25.

Curve backed buffalo or micarta bolsters add $35

Curve backed Copper add $45

G 10 Liners  add $15

G 10 Spacers add $10

Upgraded handle material individually priced.

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