My commitment to quality and  personal guarantee.

My knives are guaranteed for quality of workmanship with a  refund or replacement policy  in place with the exception of shipping charges, however due to the nature of the natural materials used for handles that may be effected by humidity changes or ageing, any handle confirmation changes are not covered.


How to care for your knife


Being high carbon steel your knife will rust if not cared for. Clean, dry, and wipe down after use with a firearms or vegetable oil.

Your knife will begin to gain a patina over time which is normal for high carbon steel. Acidic foods and blood will stain the steel and accelerate this patina.

Do not clean or wash your knife in a dishwasher.

Do not store long term in the sheath as this can be another cause of rusting for carbon steel.

The sheath has been hot waxed to protect it from outside water take-up so should be maintainence free although a light wipe over with a good leather care wax periodically will keep it in good condition.

I offer a free lifetime (me working lifetime) sharpening of any of my knives exclusive of shipping costs




From FB

Jason Petrovic Von Gruff Knives  You know… I make knives, I collect knives, I have attended the big shows in Chicago, and other places. I have had the pleasure of meeting famous makers, my father was a custom knife maker. I have also done work for big knife companies including cutting blanks confidentially. What I can say is this knife is right up there with the best of them, it is actually better it is like my late fathers knives 100 percent handmade not fake the real thing done the right way.


A few weeks ago I entered into a collaboration with our resident Kiwi Knifemaker to create an "African" knife which would incorporate a specific set of priorities. I had a specific length and requirements which drove the blade design. Using his vast experience, Gary incorporated those thoughts into a minimalist design, that is in the hand perfect. Everything about a knife that may be used for something other than cutting rope or potatoes is captured in its balance and heft. I am confident that this one could not be improved upon. He also created a minimalist sheath which carries the knife in what I consider the perfect location - weak-side/butt forward. There it is always available and never prodding you in the back or butt when in a vehicle. Simply great work my friend. It will be with me every day in South Africa in June and hopefully for many years to come.    Joe Taylor  U.S. Army Major General (ret)


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