Chef knife set

These knives are ade from 12C27 stainless steel with blackwood handles with jarrah bolsters as standard with upgrades of handle material available.

From the left there is the  3 3/4in petty knife, the 5 inch general purpose knife, the 5 1/2 in chef then the 7 inch chef and on the right is the 6 inch x 2 1/2  inch cleaver that weighs just 1 lb for comfortable kitchen use.

Table knives

This is a his and hers set of steak and side plate knives.

The top "his" pair has the 5 inch steak knife with buffalo horn handle and the 4 1/2 inch desert ironwood handled sideplate knife.

The lower pair is the "her" set with the 4 1/2 inch white corian handle with the 41/2 inch blue micarta sideplate knife.

These are my own personal knives with a variety of handle materials with micarta or corian being the prefered handle material with the stainless steel blades for long term kitchen use.