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Garry, I cannot say enough about the great qualities of my Hunter Skinner knife. I like how the weight of the knife is light yet it has enough strength to tackle anything. I dressed and skinned three deer this year and did not even need to touch up the edge with a steel, let alone a stone. Great value in a custom knife and I love the wood grain. Thanks again. John M. MLC Forums

AH big game knife

I went to the mail box after work and there was a package from New Zealand in it. I unwrapped an incredibly nice and well made knife! looking forward to taking it to the woods and bush for a long time. I would say anyone looking for a well crafted knife would be well server touching bases with @Von Gruff . Thank you!

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Safari Knife

Garry, I took the knife you made for me on my recent elk/deer hunt in Montana. It got bloodied on a bull elk and my guide said it was the sharpest knife he had ever used, including a Havalon and was still sharp after field dressing and quartering the elk. The guide also raved about the handle and the really good feel and grip. I ended up giving the knife to the guide, so I will be ordering another one from you soon. Will wait to see your piggyback design. 375 Ruger fan AH Frums

Bushcraft hunter

As @Von Gruff said, I received an early prototype of one of his knives for testing and I'm so pleased to report how nice the design is.

This is not a complete review but I thought a couple of highlights are worth mentioning. I'll write up a complete review when I gather enough knives to do "Phase II" of the knife review in the coming months.

-The blade was of an ideal thickness, thicker than most alternatives, but not grossly so. Just thick enough to handle the rough tasks and additional leverage one can apply to a knife with a slightly longer blade and handle.

-The sheath design was also a prototype, but the parafin dipped sheath makes the knife "lock" into place exceedingly well and it does not snag on the blade.

-The 01 tool steel held an edge beautifully. I've not attempted/needed to sharpen even after doing some pretty horrible things to the knife.

-The handle is longer than all other knives I reviewed (per my request) by a slight amount. That slight amount will fit most outdoor hands better and it keeps your hands from abrasion on the lanyard should you wish to use one.

Overall, the knife is very impressive, more so since its the first of its kind that Von Gruff has ever made. I look forward to it being part of a formal review coming later on.

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Swamp kauri thumbrest skinner

The knife arrived today and I am beyond words to express how pleased I am.  My wife said “it is gorgeous”  but that I shouldn’t use that term to describe it.  As others have noted on the web, your knives are truly a great intersection of beauty and utility, and this is a great example of that combination.

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Wapiti Hunter Butcher

@Von Gruff . The knife (piece of artwork) arrived yesterday. I opened the package with high expectations, and the product truly blew my expectations out of the water. I am very grateful for the gift that you offered up. I have already talked to several people about the spectacular product you provide. I hope that they will become customers. I know that I will be making a purchase soon. Thanks again. Cant wait to put this knife to work on some game in the fall..

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