The bushcraft hunter

The bushcraft hunter is a multi purpose knife that covers both applications. Primarily a bushcraft knife but with a blade shape that will facilitate hunting chores as well.

A 3 3/4 in blade of .158 O1 steel scandi ground  with micarta handles. Standard sheath configuration as well as this horizontal carry style.

Handle upgrades offered

General purpose knife

The general purpose knife will cover a great many applications from EDC to dressing out a game animal to boning it out afterwards. It has a 5 in blade of .125 1095 steel. This one has brass bolsters and buffalo horn upgrades

JT Ranger knife

The JT Ranger knife was designed in consultation with a former US Ranger and has a 5 1/2 in blade of .156 1095.

This saber ground  blade with relieved top edge has the point in a direct line through the center line of the handle makes for a very directable knife with good retention values with the longer finger guard and a thumb rest for a power stroke.

Supplied with either a standard strong side behind the hip vertical sheath or a weak side 45* butt forward cross draw sheath as shown with this one.




The Pocket Ranger

The Pocket Ranger is a compact version of the J T Ranger with its 4 3/4 inch blade of 1095 steel.  This one having upgraded 3 pin curve backed buffalo horn bolsters with Cherry Burl handles. Come in either a standard behind the hip sheath or the cross draw as on the J T Ranger above.

The Fisherman

The sea fisherman has a 4 3/4 in  cryo quenched NitroV stainless blade. It has  finger guard and lanyard tube with canvas micarta handles and comes in a  hot waxed sheath as standard.


Filleting knife

The filleting knife has a 6 inch  flexible blade of  NitroV stainless. It has canvas micarta handles and comes in a hot waxed leather carry sheath without a belt loop as standard. Upgrades offered



Bowie Knife

The knife has a 7 inch blade of .170 1070 steel. Bolster and wood upgrades available.

Also offered with farriers rasp steel having the remains of the rasp teeth showing

comes with a weak side 30* canted sheath for safe and easy withdrawl and return

Sgian Dubh

This knife has a 4 1/2 inch x .125 1095 blade with copper bolster and jarrah handle on a a stick tang. Other options available