Hunter Skinner

The hunter skinner is an all purpose hunters knife with a 4 inch semi skinner blade of .125 1084 steel.

This one has a dark jarah handle.

Standard handle is blackwood  with upgrades available

Skinning knife

This  skinner will serve as an all round knife for the hunter with more emphasis on the skinning style. A 4 inch blade of .125 1084 with blackwood handles being standard.

Upgraded handle woods  with or without bolsters  available


Thumb rest skinner

The thumbrest skinner is for those who like to have support for the thumb along the blade spine. A 4 inch skinner blade of .125 1084 with blackwood handles .

This one is upgraded with buffao horn bolsters to the blackwood handles


Professional Hunter EDC

The PH EDC is a knife designed to take care of almost any task a hunter may have in and on return from the field. A 4 3/4 x 1 3/16 blade of 5/32 1075 carbin steel

Comes with blackwood handles with ugrades available. This pair has buffalo horn curve backed bolsters with spalted eucalyptus handles.

The buffalo Skinner

This knife has a 4 1/2 in blade of .170 1075 steel. Will come with flat backed  bolsters and  acacia/blackwood  handles as standard in a vertiacl carry sheath.

Upgrades  include curved backed bolsters and various handle options.



The Od Western is a compact version of the Buffalo Skinner. A 4 1/4 inch blade of 1095 with standard being Accacia/Backwood handles. Thsi one has upgraded 3 pin curve backed buffalo horn bolsters with Eucayptus handles

Boning knives

The boning knife has both styles of handle available and has a 4 inch blade of .125 1084 steel

The top knife has a Rimu and buffalo horn handle and the bottom one has blackwood and buffalo horn.

Blackwood without bolsters is standard with upgrades offered

Safari knife

The safari knife has a 4 1/4 in blade of .156 1095 with either a saber or flat grind. Brass bolster  and blackwood handles as standard with upgrades in handle wood and  bolsters.

Big Game knife

The big game knife has a 4 3/4 inch blade of .156 1095 with standard handles being blackwood with buffalo horn bolsters. Upgrades offered

Wapiti Hunter butcher

The Wapiti hunter butcher knife as a 5 inch blade of .156 1095. An Acacia flared butt handle  is standard but upgrades offered.