Handle woods on hand

I will keep this page as up to date as possible on the various woods I have on hand. The standard woods offered in the base price of all knives are plain grained accacia or eucalyptus with all others offered as upgrades.

There is grade 1 and exhibition grade offered as options for all knives with the micarta options priced as grade1

Grade 1

Grade 1 blocks are a US$35 and upward upgrade and will be any of the blocks that are on hand that are representatvive of the species. NZ natives and exotics plus some of the imported blocks that dont meet the exhibition grade

NZ native woods of rimu, matai,  rata, or swamp kauri.

NZ grown macrocarpa, eucalyptus, walnut and oak.




Cherry Burl

The canvas micarta  for a grippy finish or the paper micarta to give a hard smooth finish.

Exhibition grade handle blocks

These blocks are top of the line exhibition grade and prices in the US$45 - $60 and will enhance any knife either on their own or in combination with a bolster of complimentary wood, horn or non ferrous metal of brass, copper, bronze or nickel silver.


On Hand are blocks of

Macrocarpa quilted  fiddleback 

Lacewood Burl

Hickory burl

Maple. spalted, tight fiddleback, quilted fiddleback and burl

Koa, fiddleback, and strong grain.

Yellow cedar burl

Spalted Buckeye

Karilian Birch





Inventory changes often as it gets used and replaced so ask to see what I have on hand




Exhibition grade handle blocks

The following are actual blocks available and with some blocks I have others of a similar grade 

Spalted Buckeye burl multiple blocks on hand

spalted maple

I have a number of these spectacular blocks of hickory burl

Maple burl multiple blocks on hand

Yellow Cedar burl.

arizona Desert Ironwood

This Chittim is spectacular exhibition grade wood.

Spalted Hackberry

A single set of Spalted silver maple scales

a single set of Dyed cottonwood scales

a stunning set of rosewood burl scales