A little about me and my knives

Thank you for visiting my web page where you can see the knife designs I have as standard patterns or consult on changes to suit your own requirments.


My knives at this stage are all by stock removal from carbon steels mostly using 1084,1095 and O1 with some 15N20 and 1075.  After I cut the blades from the bar stock they are profiled, ground and heat treated in my shed with equipment I have made to suit this purpose. The blades are hand sanded to a 600grit satin finish to reflect the hard work I expect these knives to be put to.  They need the care that all carbon steel requires and will develope a nice patina over time.

I use blackwood as a standard handle material with pricing revolving around that, with options for upgrades with contrasting wood, micarta, brass or buffalo horn bolsters. Handle material with some exotic woods, buffalo horn, or micarta being available. Sheath leather is 1/8 in cow hide dyed either dark brown or tan.

All knives are supplied with a leather sheath in the pouch style and hot waxed to ensure a long lasting formed sheath that will hold the knife securely but allow for easy removal for use. Either right or left handed and with some of the knives I offer a cross draw or horrizontal carry option.

I started using knives seriously in mid 1967 when I started work on a high country station (large farm) here in New Zealand and found the generaly available farm knife ill suited to the killing and butchering of farm animals I was using them for and that began my interest in proper design for this and of course the associated hunting needs.

I made my first knives after losing a storebought knife that I had had to reshape to better suit its intended useage and from then on I made all my own knives gradually perfecting the designs over the years till I started to make them for sale a year or two ago.

There is a very important correlation between good knife design and comfortable and safe use and after many trial knives over the years I believe these designs will make using  them comfortable in hand which in turn allows for safe, accurate knife work.

Von Gruff  


From my shed in


South Otago

New Zealand


Links to sites and forums that  have been a great help in this endevour or have excellent information to share.

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